can’t quite sum up the complete chaos that was my wardrobe. It was such a mishmash of things. When I had more of an eccentric style it was fine to have NOTHING that vaguely matched; it was the look I was going for. Recently however getting dressed was just stressful. I couldn’t even see the clothes I liked because all this other stuff like tutus, old band t-shirts and unusual hats were in the way!

Part of the problem was letting go of pieces I used to love and reminded me of happy times. Another part was that I had been given lots of hand-me-downs which didn’t always fit. The last and biggest problem was that I hadn’t ever put thought into my wardrobe and I purchased completely on impulse. So in summary, I had an overflowing wardrobe full of random bits and bobs, clothes that didn’t fit and grungy teenage stuff that I hadn’t got rid of.

I started thinking about what I wanted my wardrobe to be like and used Pinterest to catalogue clothing I really liked. The concept of a small, well thought out collection of clothes became so appealing. Around the same time one of my best friends Olivia sold almost all of her possessions and left for South East Asia. Not only was she so liberated by doing this, everything single thing she kept she really loved and needed. Imagine how uplifting it is to just have things that bring you joy! I mean why on earth would you want to own anything that didn’t?

I wasn’t aiming to scale back to that extent, but was really motivated to get started. I had a HUGE sort out and got rid of a lot; mainly giving it to my younger cousins or charity shops. I only kept things I absolutely loved. Finally the things I wasn’t sure of; the spur of the moment impulse buys that weren’t quite perfect and things that needed altering or repairs; well these I put out of the way in storage.

My wardrobe had more than halved and how did it feel? It felt wonderful. The only things I had were things I really liked and what’s more I could actually see them! That was it, I was hooked. My new mission was to have an even smaller and perfectly functioning wardrobe, which I’m going to talk about over the next few posts.

Anyone else having a hard time with their wardrobes? Any tips for those wanting to scale back?

x M

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