I’m on a mission to get wear more of my unloved clothes. Sometimes this means I rediscover something wonderful…well this jumpsuit was not one of them. It was an impulse buy, in a sale. I can see why I liked it, it nips in at my waist and at the time hareem pants were ALL the rage. Its comfortable and I thought it would get lots of wear.

MINT AND BLACK - a day at a time.jpg

Now I dislike how baggy the trouser part is. The material is also very lightweight, too light for the UK climate really. It would be perfect for warmer days and we don’t have many of those. Each time I wear it I end up freeeeeezing, a fact I seem to keep forgetting. So when there was a hint of warmth last week this jumpsuit was what I reached for. It was too early in the year for it, despite my cardigan and coat I was cold.

BLACK COAT - a day at a time.jpg

This item doesn’t suit this seasons capsule, so it is being put in storage for the summer one. If I don’t get wear out of it when it is warmer I will donate it.

BLACK ANKLE BOOTS - a day at a time.jpg

You win some, you loose some.

x M



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