So you might have noticed I missed two weeks of Friday Favourites. The first week I missed because I’d been on nights and was all; I’ve done nothing but eat-work-sleep-repeat I have NOO favourites this week! The week after I had a staycation (vacation where you stay at home, its totally a thing) and was having a break from everything. Anyway, this week was a good one, heres the best bits…

VEG - a day at a time.JPG

As things got back to normal round here I did a thought out food shop, which I probably find a little tooo satisfying. I brought THE most beautiful fruit and veg, so they are on here for sure.

BANANA OATS - a day at a time.JPG

I’ve also discovered a new favourite breakfast…porridge and banana! Trust me. Slice the banana nice and thin, or pop the slices in the pot while it cooks and it seems to dissolve. No need for sugar etc, it tastes great AND is great for you.

EASTER EGGS - a day at a time.jpg

Is anyone else enjoying the different chocolate eggs out at the moment? I AM! Obviously I have to try many varieties to determine which is the best….In case you are wondering its the golden eggs and the kinder ones.

AFTERNOON TEA - a day at a time.jpg

Last but by no means least, the best part of all was Mothers Day. I took mum for afternoon tea before spending the Sunday with my entire family. It was perfect, I loved it.

Hope you all had a lovely few weeks!

x M



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