Spring is starting and Easter is just around the corner. The mornings are warming up, which certainly makes cycling more enjoyable. I’ve not got round to a spring clean, not that I’m putting it off…Time for some favourites;

Making roasted butternut squash soup! As odd as it sounds I find roasting vegetables therapeutic, is that worrying? Earlier in the week I posted my quick and easy recipe for making it, enjoy.

Transitioning into this shorter coat as the weather warms up. I still really like tan coats, the collar is removable on this one which is a bonus.

SPINACH! One of my favourite greeny things to eat. This week I’ve been munching it raw.

Black Sails (image from here). Obsessed with Game of Thrones and Vikings? Then you’ve GOT (ha, get it?) to see this. Its a bit like Pirates of the Caribbean, but in series form so that you can binge watch it. Kiss goodbye to your weekday evenings, you are welcome!

x M


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