Spring has sprung and it’s almost time for a switch up in the wardrobe department. Recently I’ve been a tad apathetic towards clothes and fashion. I was getting a bit sick of the more-more-more attitude and lost the fun. I’ve also found that becoming more conscious about the production of clothes weighs heavily on my mind. There was a phase where I became overwhelmed, felt powerless and then slipped into old habits; making purchases out of convenience knowing the brands probably aren’t ethical. 

To spark joy I’ve started plans for my Spring/Summer capsule. I’ve also put an end to ALL self induced guilt trips, you know reminding myself to ‘let go of guilt’ etc. So what Spring/Summer trends will make it into my capsule?

Graphic stripes – I’ve recently acquired a black and yellow striped skirt of my mums to adapt. It totally ticks the graphic stripe box, otherwise I doubt I’d be investing.
Ruffles – They can look very cute and romantic, but can overwhelm a short frame. I also tend to think about how annoying they are to iron. I do however have an old white blouse with ruffles, it needs mending but would suit.
Backpack – I am a geek at heart so I already own a backpack. I have however been toying with the idea of a Fjallraven Kanken backpack for a couple of years. I just love their understated simplicity, only I can’t decide on a colour. There is also the fact that I probably don’t need another backpack..
Paper-bag waist – Yes, on high waisted shorts that I already own.
Fringe – Despite rumours that fringe was over, it may be resurfacing?…which is good because I will keep using my grey fringed handbag either way.
70s style – There is this black suede skirt I’ve been meaning to adapt and I was worried I’d missed the boat. I would also like to get a tan coloured item for a fresh update. 
Light-weight denim – Basically I will be wearing my chambray shirt for most of the summer, again.

The 90’s revival….only in so much as berry lips DMs, does this count?

So here is a list of trends I absolutely won’t be indulging in. Most of them are completely unpractical for me. Others would be very unflattering or just look ridiculous on a petite pale gal. These include; vivid clashing colours specifically orange, slip dresses, mirrors (on clothes, apparently this is a thing?), sheer fabric, tiaras(!!), string vests, spanish influence style, flat mules and gaping sleeves.

What are your thoughts on Spring/Summer trends?

x M


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