Hello, I’m Maeve and welcome to ‘A Day at a Time’.

I started this blog last year after graduating from University and leaving London for a new job. I’d left the places and people I knew, I had less time for the hobbies that I loved. I needed a creative outlet, so started posting on here to document this new chapter in my life.

I fit in writing around busy shifts. My posts grow from snippets of ideas hurriedly written down. I take the photos myself, so please forgive the poorer quality ones. I enjoy having somewhere to fill with words. I like comedy, caffeine, reading and spending time with my favourite people.

I’ve always liked clothes and style but sometimes felt fashion publications didn’t apply to me, or the life I led. I was left with a feeling of inadequacy that spurred me to go out and buy more. The impulse purchases were not making my life better they made it more complicated and messier. Recently I’ve become more conscious about the what I own and consuming less. This means I often experiment with capsule wardrobes and I tend to focus on building outfits with items I already have. When I buy something new now it’s well thought out and has to count.

Having less makes me feel better, but I still have a long way to go.
WILLIAM MORRIS - a day at a time
More importantly I want to be sensible with my purchases, to enable me the time and money for the most important part of life; the experiences.

Here are things I’ve worn, places I’ve been and words. Trying to own less and do more, a day at a time.

x M

A FEW THINGS - a day at a time


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your simple, chic description, Maeve! I’m happy I found your blog! It’s always nice to meet someone who loves comedy, caffeine, and naps (all perfect ingredients for a great day… any day ending with the letter “y,” if you ask me!). I’m excited to read more of your writing! Keep going, girl!


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