Spring is starting and Easter is just around the corner. The mornings are warming up, which certainly makes cycling more enjoyable. I’ve not got round to a spring clean, not that I’m putting it off…Time for some favourites;

Making roasted butternut squash soup! As odd as it sounds I find roasting vegetables therapeutic, is that worrying? Earlier in the week I posted my quick and easy recipe for making it, enjoy.

Transitioning into this shorter coat as the weather warms up. I still really like tan coats, the collar is removable on this one which is a bonus.

SPINACH! One of my favourite greeny things to eat. This week I’ve been munching it raw.

Black Sails (image from here). Obsessed with Game of Thrones and Vikings? Then you’ve GOT (ha, get it?) to see this. Its a bit like Pirates of the Caribbean, but in series form so that you can binge watch it. Kiss goodbye to your weekday evenings, you are welcome!

x M



This week has been a bit disjointed. Working last weekend meant my down-time was at the start of this week, so its felt like I’ve done so much already! What were the best bits?

CATHEDRAL - a day at a time.jpg

My midweek somewhat sleep deprived days off, giving me the break I finally needed. Spending the time seeing the prettiest part of town, like the Cathedral and meaning that I spent time with two of my favourite people.

SLIPPERS - a day at a time.jpg

These for keeping my toes toasty on the chillier evenings.

YOGA - a day at a time

Taking the time to do yoga, for the first time this year. Yes, my yoga mat may have red wine stains on it and my favourite post is the Childs pose…None the less, I feel rejuvenated. I won’t subject you to a picture of me in any poses, but I found this cute one here.

PANCAKES - a day at a time.jpg

Last but not least….PANCAKES! Made by someone else as a treat, which made them even better.

How was your week?

x M

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It’s February already, how on bleedin’ earth did that happen? It feels like January has been and gone in a blink of an eye. Slight bonus now though; it’s still light when I’m leaving work. So I get a sliver of light on the cycle home, hurrah! It’s been a manic week and I’m working nights over the weekend so theres no let up just yet…What have been the best bits?

The slightly warmer days for inspiring exciting fruit bowls

SUMMER BERRIES - a day at a time.jpg

For this outfit post and it reminding me how much I love wearing black on black.


Rereading Love Sick by Jessie Cave. The most joyously heartbreaking honest doodles you ever did see! Made even better because my bestie gave me it knowing I loved her Instagram feed.


Mid week plans for bowling being hatched to keep me motivated through the days at work. No chance to get pictures, so I found the one below here.

BOWLING - a day at a time

In other news I’ve had Stereophonics – Indian Summer on repeat, if I’m not listening to it it is stuck in my head.

Have a lovely weekend,

x M

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In a bid to get me posting more often I’m starting a Friday Favourites series. I realise that a lot of other bloggers have similar weekly posts, my favourites include; Hannah Gale and Reading My Tea Leaves.

Despite this not being an original idea, I think it has merit. To start with it will give me a scheduled post I have to plan for every week. I also hope the act of picking out my favourite parts of each week will mean I think more positively about what has happened. Anyway, here are my favourites this week;

NEW YEAR, NEW DIARY - a day at a time.jpgNew Year means a new dairy, to be filled with new plans.

MINDFULNESS COLOURING BOOK - a day at a time.jpg

Mindfulness colouring book, for a few quiet moments to myself…Behold my beautiful artichoke!

COFFEE MAKING - a day at a time.jpg

A day off midweek with time to make proper coffee. Therapeutic.

GREY AND YELLOW BOBBLE HAT - a day at a time.jpg

THE BOBBLE HAT. Still bringing my joy, every time it is on my head.

Happy Friday!

x M

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