Last year was the first time I’d been skiing in seven years. After such a long break my technique was rusty and my skiwear was very dated. The former improved during the week, the latter I am gradually replacing. Hopefully when I do replace items they will be high quality and last for years. Below I’ve outlined what I updated last year and what I got before this years trip, I’ve also included a few things I want to get in the future.


Thermals and Sports Bras
Unfortunately my old thermals were far too small, I can thank my ‘university lifestyle’ for that! As well as a base-layer for skiing, I needed clothes for my cycle to work. I found items I could use for both; leggings, micro-fleece tops and sports bras like these. I’ve been wearing them all year for cycling and they will be perfect for this years ski trip.

SKI WEAR - Thermals and Sports Bras - a day at a time

Last year I spent some Halfords vouchers on this backpack. I’ve used it almost everyday since; it’s really comfortable and the perfect size for on the slopes.

SKI WEAR - Backpack - a day at a time


Ski socks
I’m building up my collection by getting a couple of new pairs of ski socks each year. At the moment I don’t have enough, so wash them while I am away. Eventually I will get rid of the poorer quality ones in favour of some like these, as the more comfortable your feet are the better!

SKI WEAR - Ski Socks - a day at a time

Ski Helmet
When I first started skiing hardly anyone wore helmets but last year it seemed that everyone had one. Recent high profile accidents have publicised how dangerous skiing can be, so now I really see a Ski Helmet as a necessity. I have this Salomon Jib Helmet and I love that looks like a skate helmet.

SKI WEAR - Salomon Ski Helmet - a day at a time.jpg

Ski Jacket 
My old ski jacket was very bright, it was fun at the time but now I would like a simpler, better designed one. Although I wouldn’t be as noticeable on the slopes, a less garish jacket will be more timeless and will also be useful for colder moments at home. I tend to favour ski jackets that have a furry hood as they just seem comfier, this year I like the North Face Baker Jacket and the Columbia Lay ‘D’ Jacket.

SKI WEAR - Ski Jackets - a day at a time


Snow boots
My old pair of snow boots didn’t fasten tight enough to stay on my feet, they tended to get stuck in piles of snow, so I’ve sent them packing to the charity shop. This year I will use my old hiking boots, which are like these Berghaus Explorer Trek Boots. I’m hoping they are well suited to the snow, if not next year I may get a new pair of snow boots.

SKI WEAR - Hiking Boots - a day at a time

Ski Goggles
I could do with replacing my old pair of goggles; they are covered in scratches and have a small crack in the lens. I need a pair to fit a small face, the Oakley A Frame would be my ideal choice, but this is a luxury that can wait.

SKI WEAR - Ski Goggles - a day at a time

Anyone else going skiing this year? What are your Ski Wear essentials?

x M

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I’ve just got back from a holiday in Portugal and I’m proud to say my packing has really improved! Last time I went away I panicked and overpacked, you can read about it here. This time I planned what I needed well in advance. I made sure what I took was versatile and could be mixed and matched easily. A ‘short list’ was written, then made even shorter. For my 7 days away I took what’s in the picture and listed below. Everything was worn at least once, if needed to however I could definitely manage with less. There have been times I’ve packed the bare minimum and been caught short, it’s horrible so I always give myself a little cushion.


  • 2 dresses – 1 maxi, 1 t-shirt dress
  • 1 skirt – green paisley
  • 2 shorts – black formal ones with a scalloped hem, sports shorts
  • 4 strappy tops – navy, white, khaki, berry
  • 3 tops – grey t-shirt, white stripy top, black evening top
  • 2 sandals – Birkenstocks, brown studded ones
  • Trainers – purple New Balance
  • Leggings – black
  • Handbag – black osprey
  • Sunglasses – black Oakley’s
  • Scarf – monochrome
  • Bikini – black
  • Underwear etc…

The vast majority of what I took I already had, I only brought two new strappy tops. That’s right, two versatile strappy tops that actually count as ‘basics’. If you are interested they are from Next, I cannot recommend them enough. You can get them here, they are 95% cotton, a really nice fit and currently on offer. I brought two last year and they are still in great condition despite getting lots of wear.

I’ve started to pride myself on not buying new things for when I go away. For the last two summer holidays as well as two weddings I’ve only brought basics. I find it really satisfying to get good use of the clothes I already have. Handily, it makes it highly unlikely that anyone else will be wearing your outfit!

Interested in the outfits I made from the capsule? Check out my Instagram for a sneeky peek! What are your holiday must haves?

x M

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Packing has never been my strong point, the majority of the time I go completely overboard and bring too much. The last time I went on a short break away I actually did well, you can read about it here. Admittedly that time I had luggage restrictions and a clear plan. I really thought I’d cracked it; all I had to do was take time to pack and edit properly.

For my Edinburgh trip however I had no restrictions and no time. I packed in half an hour just before leaving. I overestimated what I needed; I took three jackets(!!), but in my defence I once made the mistake of under packing and it was miserable.

This time both my suitcase and day bag were overflowing. Bringing too much is annoying in other ways; you have to lug it around and it’s more effort to re-pack it before going home. As I use the same suitcase for my trips, overpacking means that my clothes are squashed in and obviously that’s not good for them. I’ve heard I should roll clothes, as it saves space and clothes don’t get creased. It is safe to say I’ve not quite cracked this packing malarkey.

As practice makes perfect I’ll need another trip to improve my skills, right?

x M

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A wonderful thing about having less is that it makes packing so much easier. No more humming and hawing about where I’ve actually stored things, I know exactly where everything’s kept. I have fewer options to choose between, so it takes less time and I have a better idea of what I like to wear. It’s only tricky if there is uncertainty in the weather; but if you have a few layers for warm and cold, comfy shoes and a good coat what can go wrong?

Generally I fly short distances around Europe and opt for a budget airline. You have to pay extra to check a bag in; but if your hand-luggage is within the set limits it’s free. The suitcase I found that’s the right size for all the airlines is a child’s one, not that you can really tell. It’s just quite bright and fun! If anything having the bag restriction is a good thing, it stops me overpacking. Despite bringing less I’ve never ran out of things to wear. This time I was going for 4 days, the longest I’ve gone using this case is 10 days, but I reckon I could manage two weeks.

Below is everything I packed, I had room to spare and didn’t end up wearing one of the tops;

  • Leather jacket – wearing
  • Black ankle boots – wearing
  • Black jeans – wearing
  • Cardigan – wearing
  • Wedding outfit and shoes
  • 3 tops – one I was wearing
  • Spare dress
  • PJs
  • Pumps
  • Underwear
  • Toiletries – all decanted into small containers or make up miniatures
  • Camera, kindle, phone charger
  • Travel documents in my handbag; which also fitted in the case

What are your travel essentials?

x M

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