Spring has sprung and it’s almost time for a switch up in the wardrobe department. Recently I’ve been a tad apathetic towards clothes and fashion. I was getting a bit sick of the more-more-more attitude and lost the fun. I’ve also found that becoming more conscious about the production of clothes weighs heavily on my mind. There was a phase where I became overwhelmed, felt powerless and then slipped into old habits; making purchases out of convenience knowing the brands probably aren’t ethical. 

To spark joy I’ve started plans for my Spring/Summer capsule. I’ve also put an end to ALL self induced guilt trips, you know reminding myself to ‘let go of guilt’ etc. So what Spring/Summer trends will make it into my capsule?

Graphic stripes – I’ve recently acquired a black and yellow striped skirt of my mums to adapt. It totally ticks the graphic stripe box, otherwise I doubt I’d be investing.
Ruffles – They can look very cute and romantic, but can overwhelm a short frame. I also tend to think about how annoying they are to iron. I do however have an old white blouse with ruffles, it needs mending but would suit.
Backpack – I am a geek at heart so I already own a backpack. I have however been toying with the idea of a Fjallraven Kanken backpack for a couple of years. I just love their understated simplicity, only I can’t decide on a colour. There is also the fact that I probably don’t need another backpack..
Paper-bag waist – Yes, on high waisted shorts that I already own.
Fringe – Despite rumours that fringe was over, it may be resurfacing?…which is good because I will keep using my grey fringed handbag either way.
70s style – There is this black suede skirt I’ve been meaning to adapt and I was worried I’d missed the boat. I would also like to get a tan coloured item for a fresh update. 
Light-weight denim – Basically I will be wearing my chambray shirt for most of the summer, again.

The 90’s revival….only in so much as berry lips DMs, does this count?

So here is a list of trends I absolutely won’t be indulging in. Most of them are completely unpractical for me. Others would be very unflattering or just look ridiculous on a petite pale gal. These include; vivid clashing colours specifically orange, slip dresses, mirrors (on clothes, apparently this is a thing?), sheer fabric, tiaras(!!), string vests, spanish influence style, flat mules and gaping sleeves.

What are your thoughts on Spring/Summer trends?

x M


Today I thought I would share one of my favourite recipes. Its from Jamie’s thirty minute meals, link here. I’ll be honest, these NEVER take me thirty minutes. I clearly dawdle but I can knock them out in under an hour.

My friend introduced me to this this pie and it is so delicious. It’s a perfect summery dish for when it starts warming up. See the link to the recipe for all the steps to make it.


  • Consider using spinach from the frozen section, it tends to work out cheaper and in the pie you can’t tell the difference. This is especially useful if you can only get the fresh stuff in a few small bags, go frozen and reduce the wasted plastic.
  • Wilt the spinach and push out as much the water as you can. The eggs and lemon provide a lot of moisture. Once when I didn’t do this enough I had a soggy pie!
  • Don’t forget to heat the pie on the hob before putting it in the oven, this cooks the base to make it nice and crisp. Again, once I forgot to do this and had a soggy pie.
  • To save time and effort with the salad; combine sliced tomatoes and cucumber. Drizzle the lot in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and season to taste.


x M



Spring is starting and Easter is just around the corner. The mornings are warming up, which certainly makes cycling more enjoyable. I’ve not got round to a spring clean, not that I’m putting it off…Time for some favourites;

Making roasted butternut squash soup! As odd as it sounds I find roasting vegetables therapeutic, is that worrying? Earlier in the week I posted my quick and easy recipe for making it, enjoy.

Transitioning into this shorter coat as the weather warms up. I still really like tan coats, the collar is removable on this one which is a bonus.

SPINACH! One of my favourite greeny things to eat. This week I’ve been munching it raw.

Black Sails (image from here). Obsessed with Game of Thrones and Vikings? Then you’ve GOT (ha, get it?) to see this. Its a bit like Pirates of the Caribbean, but in series form so that you can binge watch it. Kiss goodbye to your weekday evenings, you are welcome!

x M


The first time I made this was with a friend as a hearty, yet easy lunch. I enjoyed it so much I made it again, before I’d manage to write a post on it! It’s delicious and warming, serving with a dollop of yoghurt gives it a fresh taste thats perfect for spring.

(Serves 4)
1 large butternut squash
5 celery sticks
2 onions
4 garlic cloves
1/2 a large medium heat chili
Vegetable stock


  1. Slice the butternut squash and place in a roasting dish. For ease leave the skin on, it’s easier to removed when it’s cooked.Snap the celery sticks in half, peel the onions then slice into quarters and add both to the roasting dish. Slice the chili into large chunks before adding. The garlic can be added with the skins on, these stop them catching when rotated.
  2. Season the vegetable mix and sprinkle on paprika.
  3. Roast at 180(fan assisted, 200 if not), until the squash soft and lightly browned. In my oven this takes about 20-30 minutes.
  4. Take the skin off the squash and garlic, take care when it’s hot. Place all the vegetables in a pot.
  5. Dissolve a vegetable stock cube in 1 pint boiling water. Add half of the stock to the vegetables and blend with a handheld blender. Keep adding vegetable stock until the soup is at the consistency you like.
  6. Warm the soup on the hob before serving. Try garnishing with natural yoghurt and sunflower seeds and serve with rye toast.


x M


Soo…lets talk about plastic, specifically the amount thats wasted…

Recently I read that there are hardly any applications for recycled plastic. One of the only things it can be made into is bumper stickers. This made sense as I remember being taught about how difficult plastic is to recycle.

Thinking about this made me VERY conscious about the amount of plastic I dispose of. Is there a huge demand for bumper stickers? Despite me always putting it for recycling (if appropriate) I’ve never been convinced that this means it gets reused. There are rumours that our carefully sorted recycling often goes to landfill anyway *cries*. Even if it does get reused, there is an energy output needed to repurpose it. To allay my huge feelings of guilt about the environmental impact of all this (poor planet earth) I’ve started reducing the amount of plastic I use.

I already tote around a refillable water bottle and reusable canvas bags. Both practices are quite commonplace, especially since we now have to pay for carrier bags in the UK. I never get the small plastic bags when buying fruit and veg, even if it seems comical to have onions and potatoes rolling around my shopping trolley. Despite this I felt I needed to do more. This means:

  1. Making more food from scratch. Most ‘ready to go’ food comes in bulky plastic containers. I cook most nights anyway and bring packed lunches, but some of my snacks come in plastic packages. I can make more of these at home and as an added bonus they’ll probably be healthier too.
  2. Buy food that does have plastic packaging. Now I don’t just choose products based on price but also on packaging, or lack thereof. The other day I brought loose peppers that were more expensive than the packaged ones to avoid the plastic bag. I’ve swapped where I get my frozen blueberries, as some seem to have double the packaging.
  3. Make swaps to products that don’t have plastic containers AT ALL. For some things, like certain hair products I’m not aware of alternatives I’m happy to swap to. *If you know any hit a girl up.* Other swaps however are more manageable. I’ve started using a bar of soap in lieu of shower gel and washing powder instead of liquid.
  4. Make your own cosmetics. Never again will I buy a body scrub in a plastic tub. I’ll made my own out of ingredients in my kitchen cupboards; sugar or oats make great bases for scrubs. The same goes for face masks.
  5. Buy products in bulk or package less. This is especially effective for dry products, I’ve heard of places you can bring the container you store things in a home.
  6. Shop locally from smaller suppliers. Often they are more accommodating to requests for less packaging. In a supermarket your meat comes in a load of plastic, end of. A local butcher however can wrap it grease proof paper instead if you ask. When the product is sourced from nearby it’s carbon footprint is smaller. Additionally you are supporting local businesses and people in your community. Win win win!

Although small these changes can really reduce the amount of plastic you waste. Now, does anyone know shops in the UK I can buy food without packages?

x M


So you might have noticed I missed two weeks of Friday Favourites. The first week I missed because I’d been on nights and was all; I’ve done nothing but eat-work-sleep-repeat I have NOO favourites this week! The week after I had a staycation (vacation where you stay at home, its totally a thing) and was having a break from everything. Anyway, this week was a good one, heres the best bits…

VEG - a day at a time.JPG

As things got back to normal round here I did a thought out food shop, which I probably find a little tooo satisfying. I brought THE most beautiful fruit and veg, so they are on here for sure.

BANANA OATS - a day at a time.JPG

I’ve also discovered a new favourite breakfast…porridge and banana! Trust me. Slice the banana nice and thin, or pop the slices in the pot while it cooks and it seems to dissolve. No need for sugar etc, it tastes great AND is great for you.

EASTER EGGS - a day at a time.jpg

Is anyone else enjoying the different chocolate eggs out at the moment? I AM! Obviously I have to try many varieties to determine which is the best….In case you are wondering its the golden eggs and the kinder ones.

AFTERNOON TEA - a day at a time.jpg

Last but by no means least, the best part of all was Mothers Day. I took mum for afternoon tea before spending the Sunday with my entire family. It was perfect, I loved it.

Hope you all had a lovely few weeks!

x M



I’m on a mission to get wear more of my unloved clothes. Sometimes this means I rediscover something wonderful…well this jumpsuit was not one of them. It was an impulse buy, in a sale. I can see why I liked it, it nips in at my waist and at the time hareem pants were ALL the rage. Its comfortable and I thought it would get lots of wear.

MINT AND BLACK - a day at a time.jpg

Now I dislike how baggy the trouser part is. The material is also very lightweight, too light for the UK climate really. It would be perfect for warmer days and we don’t have many of those. Each time I wear it I end up freeeeeezing, a fact I seem to keep forgetting. So when there was a hint of warmth last week this jumpsuit was what I reached for. It was too early in the year for it, despite my cardigan and coat I was cold.

BLACK COAT - a day at a time.jpg

This item doesn’t suit this seasons capsule, so it is being put in storage for the summer one. If I don’t get wear out of it when it is warmer I will donate it.

BLACK ANKLE BOOTS - a day at a time.jpg

You win some, you loose some.

x M